Season 6 | Episode 1 “Genesis”

Aired: November 13, 2017

Platform: Facebook Watch

Host: Danny Bowien

Executive Producers: Anthony Bourdain, Joe Caterini, Chris Collins, Michael Steed, Lydia Tenaglia

Co-Executive Producer: Jared Andrukanis

Director: Alex Braverman

Producer: Alexandra Chaden

Directors of Photography: Jeremy Leach, Ethan Mills

Editor: Yeonga Kim

Digital Producers: Daniel Carnaje, Helen Cho, Nicola Linge


About The Mind of a Chef:

Narrated by Executive Producer Anthony Bourdain, The Mind of a Chef is that rare and beautiful thing: An intelligent show about cooking. The Emmy & James Beard Award-winning series from Zero Point Zero Production enters the minds of chefs and follows these great culinary figures from their home kitchens to destinations around the globe in search of ingredients, inspiration, and the perfect meal. Each episode combines cooking, travel, history, humor, art and science into a cinematic journey, capturing another glorious flicker from the mind of its subject. 


Season 6 Description:

Season 6 of The Mind of a Chef, which premiered on Facebook Watch in November 2017, dives into the expansive imagination of Danny Bowien, chef and owner of New York's Mission Chinese Food. Danny’s Origin story informs much of his playful and constantly evolving cuisine: Born in Korea, adopted & raised by a devoutly Christian white family in Oklahoma. After his mother passed away when he was in his late teens, Danny's perspective shifted and he decided to head to San Francisco for culinary school.  His twenties, like most people's, were a series of highs and lows - culinary school, stints at fine dining restaurants in NY and SF, abusive chefs, falling in love and reconnecting with his Korean roots, and stumbling into what became a food movement, the original Mission Chinese Food in San Francisco.


Episode 1 Description:

Nobody gets a say in the life they’re born into. Thrust into a body, a family, a country and a history, the story of our lives are merely the sum of an endless combination of circumstantial factors determining who we will know, how we will fare, who we will become. But for those adopted, their origins are complicated as the where they were born fuses with the world in which they’re raised. 

Danny Bowien was born in Korea but only spent the first 3 months of his infant life there. He was adopted and raised by American parents in Oklahoma — religious, hard-working folks – and instead of a life in Seoul, Danny grows up in suburban middle-America. Adapting to this life was easy, for it was all he knew, but he constantly carried traces of his past with him, superficially and also buried deep below.


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