The Mind of a Chef | Season 6

Aired: November 13, 2017

Platform: Facebook Watch

Director of Design: Mike Houston

Art Director: Daniel De Graaf

Artists / Animators: Naoko Saito, Ryan Frost


The Mind of a Chef Art Direction Mission:

For "The Mind of a Chef" sixth season's Art Direction, we have again chosen to forgo any standardized show style in favor of handcrafted, tailored designs and artwork.

As we follow the culinary trajectory of Danny Bowien from a South Korean adoptee growing up in Oklahoma to a rising chef and the head of Mission Chinese Food, our goal was to represent the emotional qualities of Danny’s journey through unique visual-techniques for particular segments — creating analog-video processing units, fabricating stop-motion systems and sets, designing custom typefaces, time-lapsing ink paintings, and constructing mechanically-controlled robot drummers and puppets.

As a result, every style of animation is fine-tuned to the subject and location of each episode and, more specifically, to the emotions embodied within the stories.  Because of this non-traditional, customized approach, we have to continually innovate under tight deadlines and seemingly impossible volumes of shots and segments. We believe in doing so, we’ve excelled in delving deeply into the mind of our talented chef, Danny Bowien.


About The Mind of a Chef:

The Mind of a Chef is a non-fiction television series airing on Facebook Watch, narrated and executive produced by Anthony Bourdain. It combines travel, cooking, history, and science as it follows a chef, and examines their beliefs and philosophies on the culinary arts.

“Danny Bowien is one of the most influential chefs in America today,” says Executive Producer Anthony Bourdain. “Born in Korea, raised in Oklahoma, and drawing on a multitude of influences both in medium and locales, from the Sichuan province of Chengdu to San Francisco, he challenges the notion of authenticity at Mission Chinese Food while remaining true to himself, constantly changing and redefining what "American" cuisine means for us all.”

The eight episodes of THE MIND OF A CHEF Season 6 featuring Bowien focus on what he brings to the future of the culinary landscape. We travel the world with him, exploring the ever-changing food scene of Seoul, to the spicy flavors of the Sichuan Province of Chengdu, to his humble beginning in San Francisco, and even his family inspirations and newly set roots in New York City. Along the way we explore Bowien’s genuine identity as a chef, artist, husband, and father via both live action filmmaking and the series’ award-winning animation.


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