Maiale Tonnato

Feeds 8


4-pound boneless pork butt, rolled and tied

2-3 quarts Octopus Braising Liquid

2 cups tonnato sauce


salt-packed capers, rinsed, for garnish

For the tonnato sauce

2 cornichons

1 Tablespoon capers

7 ounces canned tuna (oil-packed)

½ cup octopus cooking liquid

5 anchovy filled packed in oil


1 egg yolk

1 teaspoon mustard powder

¼ teaspoon white pepper

2 Tablespoons lemon juice

2 anchovies, packed in oil

¾ cup grapeseed oil



For the pork butt

1.          Season pork butt with salt and pepper. Brown on all sides in barest film of blended oil. Deglaze pan with some of the octo liquid, then add just enough to submerge roast by 3/4 . There should be a ton of octopus braising liquid in the freezer if there is none in the walk-in; otherwise, use Mixed Meats Stock.

2.          Take care with all of the usual braising concerns: appropriate-sized vessel, tight-fitting lid, enough liquid that the meat is just barely submerged in braising liquid, etc.

3.          Bring to temperature on stovetop, then braise in gentle oven (325 degrees) for 3 hours. Cool prok in braising liquid and let it “cure” 24 hours in walk-in.