o·ma·ka·se  ōməˈkäsā,ōˈmäkəsā/ noun

  1. (in a Japanese restaurant) a meal consisting of dishes selected by the chef.
    “we had the five-course omakase”

o·ma·ka·sette ˌōməˈkäsā,ōˈmäkəset/ noun

  1. (on the Mind of a Chef website) a themed playlist consisting of multiple songs selected by a chef.
    “I played Tony Bourdain’s omakasette mixtape while cooking a 5-course dinner for my wife”

Anthony Bourdain's Music to Cook By Playlist

Big Gay Ice Cream Jams to Cool Off With

Gabrielle Hamilton's Mixtape

Andy Ricker's Wingin' It

Edward Lee's Mixtape

Matt Lee's Beats to Shuck Oyster To

Steven Satterfield Mixtape

Ted Lee's Tunes to Braise By

Sweet Chick's Summer Block Party

Deuki's Summer Jams for Outdoors

Ivan Orkin's Music To Slurp Ramen To

Mind of a Chef Inaugural Mixtape