Chef Ludo Lefebvre's Foie Gras with Kimchi Consomme


Wrapping out our inaugural Soup Week, Chef Ludo Lefebvre makes a consomme from kimchi, adding foie gras, pickled radishes, scallions, and onion flowers. A clean and beautiful french dish with an LA twist. Watch the video and get the recipe below.  Foie Gras with Kimchi Consomme by Ludo Lefebvre

Ingredients: Foie Gras Kimchi Consomme Cured Radish Scallions Radish or Onion Flowers

For the Kimchi Consomme 10 L Water 100 g Bonito 150 g kombu 3450 g kimchi 860 g egg whites 1150 g kimchi

For the Cured Radish 500 g mixed colored radish, such as purple daikon, watermelon, black, and honeydew 20 g kosher salt 60 g granulated sugar

Scallions 10 g scallion greens, sliced about 2 mm thick.

Directions: Put the water, and kombu in a pot, bring just to a simmer, add the bonito, and remove from heat. Allow to steep for 30 minutes and strain, reserving the liquid only. Blend the 3450g of kimchi in the robot coupe, and add to the dashi. Bring to a simmer, and cook till the cabbage has released its flavor and softened, about 1 hour. Strain, discard solids, and reserve liquid. Blend the 860 g egg white and 1150 g kimchi together, and add to the kimchi broth. Slowly bring up to a simmer, making sure the raft floats to the top, and drop temperature so it is at a light simmer. Allow to cook till the broth is clear and cabbage is cooked, about 1 hour. Carefully strain the consommé through cheesecloth, and allow to cool

Mix sugar and salt together. Shave the radish on a mandolin, about 1 mm thick. Keeping the different varieties separate, toss in the mix of kosher salt and sugar, and allow to cure for about 30 minutes. Remove the radishes from the brine that has been leached out, and julienne 1 mm strips. From here the radishes can be mixed together.

To finish: Pull radishes out and hold at room temperature. Portion Foie gras into 2 oz portions. Season with salt and white pepper. Place in steamer set to full steam at 85 C, for 3 minutes. Bring kimchi consomme to a simmer. Remove the foie from the steamer, and place in the center of the blue and black bowl. Place sliced scallions on top, then cover completely with 35g sliced radish. Garnish with 5 radish or onion flowers. Pour 2 oz of simmering liquid into the small carafe, and pour over the foie gras tableside.