Eating Ramen (And Working) With Ivan Ramen


If you've been living under a rock for the past week, we launched our new (wait for it...) rocking web series (a solid pun, we know), Taste Memories with Ivan Orkin of Ivan Ramen. So we decided to give you a better look into what went down (and what went into our stomachs) on one of our shoot days with the chef. On a dreary winter day in January, we took our camera gear and hunger, packed it up into a CC Rentals van and made our way to Ivan's noodle spot to eat (and work, of course). After unloading gear and getting caffeinated, we got right into it.


Director/Producer/Editorial Director/Shiba Inu-Jacket Wearer Extraordinaire, Nari Kye dove in head first into the shoot.


After chatting about noodles and broth, Ivan decided to demonstrate the correct way to roll out the rye noodle dough with his heirloom pasta roller. You should have seen the box it came in.

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Take a look at this bowl of shio ramen.


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We had to give you another view. Shio Ramen remixed with the Ivan Ramen cookbook.



One of the biggest perks of working at Mind Of A Chef, you're bound to have a fantastic crew meal. Not pictured: About 4 other bowls of ramen.

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POV. Did you really just open your mouth?



We needed someone to sit in and slurp for some slow-mo, so we enlisted Nari, who wasn't opposed to eating ramen by any means.

If you haven't checked out our first episode of Taste Memories with Ivan, drop everything and do so immediately.

Come back on Thursday for the next episode and stay tuned all week for more ramen-related goodness.