Behind The Scenes: "Creation Of A Dish" With Magnus Nilsson


Photos and Written by Jonathan Cianfrani, Producer and Editor For this episode, we wanted to trace the origins of a dish from the moment of inspiration to the final plating. We chose to follow the path of a beef dish as well as a dessert made of ice. It was also one of our most conceptual episodes.

 Nilsson_Creation of a Dish_1 Chef Magnus Nilsson visits a farm to choose a retired dairy cow to have slaughtered and brought to his butchery at Fäviken for aging.

Nilsson_Creation of a Dish_2 Chef Magnus Nilsson films the opening scene of the episode. Notice the drone floating far above him.

magnus fire Keeping warm by the fire, Chef Nilsson breaks from reciting the Norse Creation Myth, which will be augmented with animation in the episode.


Nilsson_Creation of a Dish_4 This is us getting weird with a projector plugged into camera and filming an image of an image being filmed thus creating an infinite video loop.


ice dish Chef Nilsson inspects part of the ice dessert he created. The concept for the dish is based off of an experience he had in the winter playing with a sheet of ice on the pond outside of Fäviken.


Nilsson_Creation of a Dish_6 The rib-eye of dairy cow has been aged for 5 months, trimmed of oxidized fat and is now ready for slicing and cooking.