Behind The Scenes: Argentina With Ed Lee & Francis Mallmann


By producer Alexandra Chaden When chef Francis Mallmann invited Ed Lee to his private island in Patagonia, it was impossible to say no. Turns out all it takes to get to Paradise from New York City is two plane flights, a half-day drive in a dust old Defender, and a 90-minute boat ride. The food—cooked with nothing but fire, smoke and ash—was divine, but the hospitality, company and overall experience of being at the end of the earth for four days is something neither Ed nor the crew will ever forget.

LEE_ARGENTINA_1 After two full days of travel from NYC, our crew arrived at La Isla. The view from our ‘office’ on day one instantly inspired us and erased any signs of jetlag.

LEE_ARGENTINA_2 Francis and Ed at a local estancia, where nearby famed Argentine steer roam. This preceded the very bumpy 6-hour off-road trip to get to the edge of Lago la Plata.

LEE_ARGENTINA_3 Every corner of the island produced a beautiful vista. Right after magic hour, before the sea of stars popped out, was one of the most gorgeous times on La Isla.

LEE_ARGENTINA_4 There isn’t a ton to do on La Isla in between meals and shooting, so the crew resorted to good old-fashioned fun, like tango lessons, cigar-smoking, and skipping stones.

LEE_ARGENTINA_5 Waiting for the fire to reach the perfect temperature gave Ed & Francis ample time to discuss cooking techniques, life philosophies, wine and women.

LEE_ARGENTINA_7 Our crew album cover. Band name TBD. Any suggestions?