How To Make Sgroppino, A Boozy Dessert, With Gabrielle Hamilton


Gabrielle Hamilton is not much for desserts. But she will make an exception when it comes to a boozy lemon ice cream, lemon vodka, Prosecco kind of dessert. It's not only the word for when horses clear their nostrils in Italian, this refreshing drink will have the same clearing effect on humans, in a good way. Salute!


Reprinted with permission from Prune 

Yield: 1 drink


1 small scoop lemon ice cream 1 ounce Lemon Vodka (see below) chilled Prosecco to top off


  1. In a blender mix ice cream and vodka and a splash of Prosecco and blend until smooth and frothy.
  1. Spoon into a champagne flute and top with cold Prosecco. Be careful topping it off with Prosecco – it foams and bubbles and wildly.

Note: Immersion blender works well, too, and makes less noise during service. Be mindful of tables 9 through 14 on the banquette who will have to live through your blender frenzy everytime you sell a Sgropino.


Yield: 16 portions

Peel of 1 whole lemon, managed in one long curlicue, please, with little to no pith.

Add to 1 liter of Tito’s Vodka.

Let steep for 2-3 weeks. Stay ahead on your pars.