The Mind Of A Chef's Red Carpet-Worthy Recipes

So you've Googled, "Oscars Recipes" and have seen some of the most basic (albeit tried-and-true) dishes, drinks and hors d'oeuvres you've ever, like ever, come upon. Those recipes are tired, tried and truly boring. So here at Mind Of A Chef, we've come bearing gifts in the form of recipes for your Oscar party! But seriously, stop watching that 15-second, 3-ingredient, deep-fried, puff-pastry'd macaroni-bacon-cup-THING (we blindly googled that for you. You're welcome), "un-pin" that Ritz cracker, Kraft-single monstrosity you found on a "legit foodie" Pinterest page because we're here to help you step up your Oscars party menu. Prepare a speech for your guests because you're about to get awarded (maybe even before Leo).