How To Make Husk BBQ Sauce

RECIPE FOR HUSK BBQ SAUCE Husk BBQ Sauce(From Heritage by Sean Brock)

Makes about 2 Pints

When we opened Husk in November 2010, I knew I wanted to serve lots of barbecue. The problem is that barbecue is like a religion in the South and there are many different types. Each region has its own flavor and those tastes are embedded deep in your soul, based on where you grew up. So you have to choose sides, and it’s tough to go back once you declare your loyalty. Having traveled and lived all over the South, I decided to make my sauce a combination of all my favorites. So it’s a mix of costal South Carolina, eastern North Carolina, and western North Carolina barbecue styles. Put this sauce on anything and everything. It is pleasantly spicy and has a delicious vinegar kick.

INGREDIENTS 1 Cup pork stock 5 Cups apple cider vinegar 5 Tablespoons Husk BBQ rub (page 311) 1 ½ Cups ketchup Juice of ½ lemon ¼ Cup packed brown sugar

Combine all the ingredients in a large stainless steel saucepan and bring to a simmer over high heat. Reduce the heat to medium-high and cook the mixture, stirring frequently to prevent scorching, until it is reduced by half, about 30 minutes.

Ladle the sauce into two clean pint canning jars. Cool to room temperature, then cover and refrigerate. Tightly covered, the sauce will keep for two weeks in the refrigerator.