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The Complete Mind Of A Chef Collection includes the following episodes:

SEASON 1: David Chang Noodle Pig Memory Spain Rotten Rene Simple Gluttony Chef Japan New York Fresh Soy Sweet Spot Smoke Buddies

SEASON 2: Sean Brock & April Bloomfield Southerners Seeds Rice Louisiana Preserve Roots Low Country BBQ Senegal London Sea Salt Curry Italian British Classics Farmer Leftovers Restauranteur

SEASON 3: Ed Lee & Magnus Nilsson Origin American Argentina Louisville Kentucky Latitude Impermanence Bourbon Winter Spring Creation France Traditions Locality Documentation Fäviken

SEASON 4: Gabrielle Hamilton & David Kinch Prune Garbage Rome Hunger Past Hustle Napkin Evolution Fire Legacy Ocean Strawberry Balance Restrictions New Orleans 25 Bites

Mind of a Chef