What Is A Food Allergy, Really? Get Learnt Here.


[embed]https://youtu.be/nZ46Lync6ys[/embed] A food allergy is a body’s overreaction to a foreign object coming into it that it doesn’t think it should be there. It reacts as if it’s a foreign invader and attacks it. Things like wheat and fish, tree nuts and peanuts. And if you are unlucky enough to have a true food allergy, you would go into anaphylactic shock and that’s the end.

C-e-l-i-a-c. Celiac disease is a problem that occurs when you eat a certain protein in wheat called gluten. Gluten is responsible for making bread rise and have fabulous little holes in it. Gluten can destroy your intestinal villi. Those are the little finger-y things that have a big surface for absorbing nutrients. You can have diarrhea, vomiting, and all kinds of horrible problems. It’s best to avoid it if you do indeed have Celiac Disease. Bread is obvious. Pasta is obvious. Pop-Tarts are obvious. But much less obvious is the stuff that goes into sauces and processed foods. You have to read labels really, really carefully and pray that they’re telling you the truth and know what they’re doing.

Some people have intolerances. Those aren’t the same. You either have Celiac disease or you don’t, but the number of people who feel that they are gluten intolerant is expanding so rapidly to the point where it’s creating a fabulous market for gluten free goods. Fortunately, wheat is not an essential nutrient, so exclude that from your diet makes you feel better, and it cuts down on calories.