Our New Techniques Series Continues with Insanely Delicious Potatoes Roesti with Gabrielle Hamilton


[embed]https://youtu.be/Kyiv0BE7Dcs[/embed] The key to this brunch dish is using shredded, starchy russet potatoes and cooking them in clarified butter at a high temperature, which yields a crispy exterior and soft, creamy interior. Pair these roestis with Gabrielle's Eggs Benedict and your brunch game will be unbeatable.

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Reprinted with permission from Prune.

Yield: 1 order


2 peeled russet potatoes 4 ounces clarified butter


If you can make these looks as unnaturally perfect as McDonald’s hash brown, you have succeeded, which is oddly not nearly as easy as it should be, given the simplicity of the task.

Some common snags I have seen that set you back:

  • the centers don’t cook enough or cook quickly enough and they turn gray/black from the starch oxidizing. Make sure your fat is very hot in the pan.
  • The centers can be sodden and greasy – again – fat not hot enough in the pan at the outset.
  • They are too thin and crunchy – not enough grated potato per roesti and you end up with all crispy exterior and no creamy white interior. Always use 2 potatoes per 1 roesti.

Be sure to grate to order and never store the excess grated potato in water – you will wash away the needed starch.

Get the shredded potato into a hot pan immediately, before it starts to brown from oxidation. You can’t use regular butter; the milk solids have to be removed. Use clarified.

Be sure to turn out onto a baker’s rack to cool before stacking for service, else they will steam and glue together and become soggy.

Only work ten at a time if you are experienced enough to manage it – I’d rather you worked only 6 at a time until you are surefooted enough to not burn any.

You can come in early if you are new to the station and you need more time to get fully set up, but by your third week on the station you may not punch in before 8 AM.

  1. Set the pan over medium-high flame, and add 4 ounces of clarified butter. The fat in the pan must be very hot, almost smoking, when the potatoes are added.
  1. Shred 2 potatoes into a colander and set inside a bowl to collect all the messy liquid. Add the shredded potato to a hot pan and spread out gently in even thickness. Take care – the fat will spatter and hiss angrily from the water in the potato.
  1. With a slotted fish spatula, turn when the bottom is golden and crispy like a hash brown. Remove when both sides are golden and crispy, and allow to drain on a baker’s rack.

Do not season these; expediter will season at the pass.


2 potatoes per 1 roesti

4 full ounces of clarified per roesti

8” non-stick pans only – don’t use crappy aluminums

Have the guys peel 180 potatoes for the weekend and be sure you have 20# of the clarified butter in the house by Friday.