Because October Means Leaves...You Can Eat (Kind Of). Magnus Nilsson's Potato with Leaves Recipe


Those fallen, slightly rotten autumn leaves you're crushing beneath your sneakers on the way to the work? Your new organic, local, and FREE ingredient for fall. Chef Magnus Nilsson will show you how to utilize the best of what you've got. Just remember to rinse off the dog pee. [embed][/embed]


Yield: serves 6 


18 very good new potatoes, picked and rinsed well no more than 15 minutes before cooking them 6 handfuls autumn leaves from last year 100g good butter


  1. Place the potatoes and leaves in a pot, cover with water and put a lid on. Bring to a boil and cook until done, but do not over-cook.
  1. Plate the potatoes on a hot stone and cover them completely with the leaves. Serve some good butter on the side and explain to your diners how to unearth them from the leaves with their hands, crush them in their fingers and dip them in butter in order to enjoy the experience to the full.