And the first chef of the new season of Mind Of A Chef is…….

We’re currently filming an episode with Chef Ludo Lefebvre and we’re live from the shoot! Check back for updates throughout the day.


Let’s meet the bloggers who will be updating us all day:

(L-R) Kevin Hsu (@kevinEats), Diana Hossfeld (@DianaTakesaBite), Will Chi, Josh Lurie (@foodgps), Jo Stougaard (@MyLastBite), Esther Tseng (@estarLA)

[Update] 4:30PM


[Update] 4:48PM

Yep, Ludo will be opening a in the Valley.


[Update] 4:56PM

“First, I want to say how truly honored I am to be asked to be a part of Mind of a Chef. I have the ultimate respect for all of those that came before me, and of course for Anthony Bourdain. We are all different but so much the same when it comes to a passion for food. [This year] is a special year for me, [as it’s] my 20th anniversary of being in the U.S./Los Angeles. It is funny because I have kind of fallen into a group of the “new generation” of chefs, but I am really the old generation.

This season, I will explore my 20 years in LA, and I don’t think I could have had this career in any other city in the world. LA is so unique and offers such great opportunity, [but] we will also head off to France and Paris and look back on my 12 years when I learned from some of the greats.” – Ludo Lefebvre 




Update: 5:15PM

Esther Tseng snapping a video for Instagram


First dish: Squid Pad Thai

Squid Pad Thai @chefludo’s pad for @MindOfAChef #MindOfAChef

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[Update] 6:05 PM


Second dish: Ham-Sandwich soup. Torches and iPhones involved.

[Update] 6:35 PM

Round 2: Ham-Sandwich Soup.

#MindOfAChef @ChefLudo’s Ham Soup, cornichon, radish & Guinness. #LudoBites MEMORIES rushing back now… @MindOfAchef

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[Update: 6:45 PM]

Sneak preview of the next dish…lychee and saltines??

Foie gras dynamite? Yes.

Of course it involves foie gras.


Putting the bloggers to work, just like the good old days of Ludo Bites.

[Update] 7:05PM

Behind the scenes with @chefludo as he torches foie gras dynamite for Season 5 of #MindOfAChef

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Flame on.

[Update: 7:24 PM]

Snap, crackle, pop. Foie Gras Dynamite, Raw Tuna, Lychee, Cracker Puree. 

[Update] 7:33 PM

First thing to know about taking food photos. Get your lighting on point.

[Update] 7:51 PM

A trip into the garden…




Director Morgan Fallon shoots Ludo topping the monkfish with “The precious gold butter”.


Fourth dish: Monkfish, Légumes de la Jardinière, Vadouvan:


[Update: 9:22pm]

@KevinEats takes note


Time for dessert!


Ludo slices the crème fraîche panna cotta:




Last course (and the dish that everyone wanted to taste one more time): Crème Fraîche Panna Cotta, Caramel Caviar

#MindOfAChef @ChefLudo’s creme fraiche panna cotta, caviar & caramel!!! #Favorite from #LudoBites. @mindofachef

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[Update: 9:55pm]

Fin! Thanks for following along. Chef Ludo toasts to 20 years in LA and the new season of Mind Of A Chef!